Our Committment:
Personal Access | Rapid Litigation | Hands-on Approach

Personal Access

Unlike the typical large or mid-size litigation firm, at Smyth Law PC, we allow our clients unusual access to the principal lawyers in the firm.

Our clients initially meet with a Partner who will immediately commence work on the case within twenty-four hours. Each client will be provided with a personal case manager who will be available to discuss all aspects of their case.

Each client continues to receive the personal attention that is needed and appreciated when faced with a legal dilemma. We understand that every client expects their attorney to be highly skilled, however, we also believe that clients need to trust their lawyers. Clients do not want to tell their story to several different associates before they get to the lead attorney who may eventually try their case.

We know that knowledge is power and insist that our clients tell us the facts of their cases in order to be equipped with the necessary tools to obtain their objectives.

Rapid Litigation

At Smyth Law PC, we do not like to waste time. The legal system is designed to be slow and frustrating.

When the circumstances are appropriate, we advise filing suit quickly when it appears that no reasonable settlement will be reached. While settlement negotiations can lead to successful results, years of experience have taught us when negotiations will not work.

We know that in many cases, without swift action, the client’s goals will not be met. Frequently, the best course is to proceed from a position of strength rather than waiting a year or two to see what happens. We believe that our clients’ time is as important as our own and clients truly appreciate our understanding and respect for their needs and goals.

Hands-on Approach

At Smyth Law PC, we are hands-on because that is how we control the outcome. We have fantastic associates, but only when the work passes through our own hands can you be assured that it is absolutely correct. We always remember who you hired to represent you.