Personal Injury

Most of us take our health, mobility, and physical capabilities for granted. There is nothing more life-altering nor frightening than the sudden loss of one’s ability to perform the most fundamental daily activities–particularly when it is due to the carelessness and thoughtlessness of another. Losing the ability to perform simple daily and personal activities deprives a person of their self-esteem, security, sustenance and the comforts of life. This often has similar consequences for an injured person’s loved ones and dependents.

At Smyth Law, PC, we will ferret out those who are culpable for causing you injuries; then obtain from them all that you are legally entitled to compensate for your losses, pain and humiliation. We acknowledge that we cannot change the past, but it is within our capability to provide you with a secure, comfortable, and preferably happy future.

Whether you have suffered life-altering permanent injuries or have suffered the inconvenience of temporary discomfort which has interrupted your life, we are honored to serve you in the following areas of Personal Injury:

Auto/Motorcycle Accidents
Dangerous Products
Slip & Fall
Premises/Construction Accidents
Medical Malpractice