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The safe answer is “As soon as possible”. The deadline for filing documents and actions can be as short as ten (10) days, such as for filing some appeals, or as long as fifteen (15) years, such as for some kinds of contractual disputes. The bottom line is, if you miss your deadline, you are probably out of luck. Calling a lawyer immediately is essential to preserve all your claims.

Lawyers have to follow very stringent ethical rules, especially regarding the handling of money and the representation of clients. Judges’ rules are even more stringent. To check out your potential attorney, search the state Bar Association where the attorney is located to see if they have any ethical complaints or malpractice suits filed against them (use in Massachusetts) Also, check to see how the attorney is rated on You can check out our blog post on hiring an attorney for more details.

Yes, secretaries, paralegals and/or clerks will assist the attorney in working on your case. Furthermore, our attorneys work in teams so you will always have access to an attorney that is knowledgeable about your case. However, if an attorney who does not work for Smyth Law PC works on your case, you will be advised and the other attorney will wait on your permission before joining the legal team.

No. A lawyer normally spends more time in an office than in a courtroom. The practice of law most often involves researching legal developments, investigating facts, writing and preparing legal documents, giving advice, and settling disputes. Laws change constantly. New law is enacted and prior law is amended and repealed. In addition, judicial decisions in court cases regularly alter what the law currently means, whether the source of law is the United States Constitution or a state constitution; federal or state statutes; or federal, state, and local codes and regulations. For these reasons, a lawyer must put much time into ...

Certainly, but be aware that the answer will probably be that more research of law and investigation of facts is necessary before any accurate prediction can be made. There are countless variables.  They are: who your opponent is, who their lawyer is, who the judge is and their mood on any given day, the strength of your evidence, the strength of your opponent’s evidence, the legal issues involved, just to name a few.  The system is comprised of human beings and thus, subject to their foibles, predilections and at times, prejudices.  This includes judges and juries. Some types of cases ...

This depends completely upon the kind of case you intend to pursue. Be sure to ask the attorney about this when you are reviewing the contract. Anticipated fees and expenses will be shown to you at the beginning and actual fees and expenses will be summarized at the end of your case. Itemized statements of expenses are also available on request.

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