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My custody battle was a very tiresome and challenging process that took just under three years from the file date to the ruling. During these three years, it was an extremely challenging time both emotionally and especially financially. Child custody is one of the most difficult times in one’s life and your lawyer is your first line of defense. If you need a lawyer that has a command of all the complicated aspects of the law as well as someone who is a kind and caring human being. Lisa Smyth is both competent and compassionate and I highly recommend her for anyone seeking a determined, aggressive lawyer who knows how to get the legal outcome necessary for your child’s best interest.

Jack Q

“I highly recommend Lisa Smyth. I got tired of the service and billing at another firm.  I wanted a strong, smart and cost-effective lawyer. Lisa has taken care of my complicated support, custody and removal issues over a two-year period. Lisa has excelled for me. Lisa brings compassion, communication and common sense to a difficult family law system. She’s highly skilled and really cares. I’m glad I hired Lisa.”

Ron C

“Being totally naive to any type of legal proceedings, never mind a divorce, I held interviews with 8 different law firms in order to ensure my comfort during the process.  Upon meeting with Lisa, her expertise and comprehension of the intricacies of family law were immediately apparent.  It was her sense of compassion for the individual emotional complexities of the process, however, that allowed me not only to accept the realities of the situation but also become an advocate for my own rights during the process.  Lisa and the people she has surrounded herself with were patient with respect to my ignorance. They were perceptive concerning my needs and desires of the eventual outcome. And they were persistent in the pursuit of my cause.  I am very fortunate and grateful I enlisted their services on my behalf and I will unequivocally recommend Smyth Law Offices to anyone in need of consultation or representation in matters of family law.”

Nancy S

“Brad was my lawyer and did a great job for my family. He was extremely knowledgeable, kind and very well prepared at all times. He turned one of the worst experiences of my life into a total win for us in court. When the judge finally ruled on my case, everything he expected to happen did and we even came out a bit ahead. I will certainly trust him to represent me in the future and would recommend him to anyone in need of lawyer.”

John T

“By far the most aggressive firm to have as an advocate on your behalf! I hired the likes of Brad from SmythLawPC to assist me with a landlord/tenant issue. I was the tenant. Their advocacy for my rights, half of which I was unaware, gave me the needed level of confidence to deal with my situation in court. Brad was as thorough as he is a thoroughbred in the courtroom. I would be homeless now if it were not for Brad. I would HIGHLY recommend this firm for ANY legal situation you may have. They do not judge. The stick to facts, and they relentlessly work on your behalf.”

Alex R

“Brad and his law partner, Lisa Smyth have represented me since 2003. He has always been available for me and my family. In fact both he and Lisa have handled at least three domestic relations matters for my family (I referred them)- all them them had great results although some were very difficult. Both Brad and Lisa are attentive, caring and always exited to win. I am glad I met them both and as a result we are friends.”

Ellen F

“Brad Greenberg has been my corporate lawyer for years & does an excellent job. He does his due diligence & gets results. He is responsive & quite knowledgeable. I highly recommend Atty Greenberg.”

Jonathan G

“Mr. Greenberg has represented my company more than once. He was impressive to say the least. Always a phone call away. Aggressive when he needed to be. Confident and calming when meeting with us. Attentive to detail. Owning a successful business often makes you a target. Brad has always had our backs and we have come out on the winning side everytime.”

Ernest K

Lisa Smyth is an amazingly astute, smart, and aggressive lawyer with an incredible ability to get the case aligned in my direction.

Julia C
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